ANT Alliance is an official worldwide exclusive supplier for SUPERTECTUM products
We offer liquid polyurethane and bitumen-polyurethane waterproofing materials.
About SUPERTECTUM waterproofing materials
A wide range of SUPERTECTUM products and systems was designed using sophisticated technologies of the XXI century in collaboration with the Belgian company ETS-Europe.
Our innovative products enable to meet the growing demand of our customers for sustainable and effective waterproofing protection of building structures. We rely on the latest technology in designing SUPERTECTUM high-quality waterproofing systems.
SUPERTECTUM products cover a wide range of construction solutions and include one- or two-component liquid:
impregnating liquids and primers;
seam and joint sealants;
waterproofing membranes;
protective/top coatings;
hydrophobic injections.
SUPERTECTUM materials provide long-term protection and have several advantages, namely:
optimal level of elasticity;
formation of a complete seamless coating;
resistance to UV, weather, climate changes and mechanical stress;
long term operation;
simple, cost effective repair and refurbishment without a complete removal of the previous coating;
coating of up to 2 mm thick;
easy to apply;
the possibility of applying to many building materials;
vapour permeability.
We implement professional waterproofing solutions in order to ensure reliable protection of your building structures, such as:
foundations, basements and underground walls;
flat roofs and GreenRoof;
balconies and terraces;
bathrooms and shower rooms (under ceramics);
swimming pools and fountains (under ceramics);
tunnels, bridges, etc.;
Application spheres
The combination of innovative sophisticated technologies and scientific developments contributed to SUPERTECTUM products and systems, which have many distinctive properties compared to other waterproofing materials.
Waterproofing is a key part of the construction process.

Nowadays, the construction industry requires advanced materials which are highly resistant to weather conditions and aging, while remaining easily applicable. SUPERTECTUM materials meet these requirements, and we offer a wide range of building waterproofing systems in various construction spheres:
Civil Engineering:
residential and public buildings;
shopping and sports centres.
Industrial Engineering:
plants and factories;
Engineering Construction:
Advantages of using SUPERTECTUM products

One of the main advantages of SUPERTECTUM products compared to other waterproofing materials is:
easy application;
excellent adhesion to many building materials;
universal character − the possibility to use with various types of work;
non-toxicity − after the complete polymerization of materials;
the possibility to apply screed or cladding material directly to the waterproofing coating;
Light colours (white, grey) when used on the roof reflect most of (78-82%) solar energy, lowering the temperature and creating a comfortable microclimate in rooms located directly under the roof.
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